What The Stars Say About Mycro Helmets:

Tommy Walsh – Kilkenny: ‘It is so light and safe. I wouldn’t even feel the weight of it on my head and I feel very safe at all times during the match. I have often received a belt on the helmet and it has always protected me’.


Anthony Nash – Cork: ‘Safety, weight and design which is superior to any other’.


Mary Leacy – Wexford: ‘It is good quality, comfortable and to be honest when I am playing a match I hardly notice I am wearing it’.


Michael Rice – Kilkenny: ‘It is comfortable and light. The bars don’t affect my vision’.


Eanna Martin – Wexford: ‘Aswell as being the safest helmet on the market, Mycro are by far the lightest and most comfortable. The faceguard design doesn’t impeed on the players vision which is very important.


Shane O’ Neill – Cork: ‘They look better than other brands and are the safest helmets on the market’.


Richie Power – Kilkenny: ‘It’s the safest and most comfortable helmet on the market’.


Pa Cronin – Cork: ‘They’re a great fit, very comfortable and very safe’.


Anna Geary – Cork: ‘They are lighter and safer than other helmets and the guard is designed with full visibility in mind’.


Katrina Parrock – Wexford: ‘I find it comfortable and stylish’.